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Over the last two and a half years, the Social Enterprise and Innovation Programme (SEIP) has supported more than 300 startups to develop and bring to market new business ideas that deliver positive impact. SETsquared Bath teamed up with DOT PROJECT to deliver a series of start up business workshops to over 150 of the SEIP programme participants. During this time DOT PROJECT noticed that women taking part in the programme often struggled with self belief and the confidence to start their own business.

… we saw a common trend of individuals doubting their own abilities and questioning if they have what it takes to navigate the landscape of social entrepreneurship.

So for the final two workshops of the programme we whole-heartedly agreed with DOT PROJECT to run the workshops for women only and tailor the content to identify and hopefully help to overcome the particular challenges that women entrepreneurs often face.

We wanted to offer something different to these women, so in February and May 2019 we ran two workshops specifically for women. These workshops covered the core elements of the Social Enterprise and Innovation Programme — focusing on the social business canvas, developing and testing an idea.

Participants of the May 2019 SEIP workshop

Participants of the May 2019 SEIP workshop

DOT PROJECT have written a fantastic article about their experience of supporting SETsquared Bath on this programme and through their findings and experiences of the programme they are now considering setting up a support package especially for women entrepreneurs! You can read the full article along with feedback from our participants here.

We are thrilled about this outcome of our last training, particularly as we have always believed that a strong peer network is a critical part of any entrepreneurs journey — but that this is also something which cannot be engineered. An authentic peer network develops from mutual respect and support, built on a foundation of energy and passion.

We’d like to thank Annie, Cat and Ann of the DOT PROJECT for bringing excellent energy and a supportive environment to the Social Enterprise and Innovation Programme over the last two and a half years. A Social Enterprise is all about positive impact and that is exactly what their empathy-led consulting approach succeeded in doing.