The University of Bath Alumni Innovation Award

The University of Bath provides a nurturing environment for enterprising minds. We pride ourselves on the comprehensive range of activities on offer to students to develop their own ideas and gain valuable experience during their degree programme. With the introduction of the Alumni Innovation Awards, we seek to build on this foundation by offering promising graduates the chance to win an award to help take an innovative idea to market. Award winners are supported to develop their ideas into viable businesses, encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs. Through these awards we aim to encourage a culture of change across the University, with students seeing an aspiration to become an entrepreneur as a clear and viable career choice. With the help of the SETsquared network and award winning business incubation programme, the scheme aims to help launch businesses which have the potential for true global impact.

The alumni funded Bath Innovation Award is now closed for 2019 applications.

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The Scheme

The scheme is open to applications from final year students, post-graduates and researchers at the University of Bath. Applicants must be in their final year of study or research. Awards will typically; 

  • be made to individuals from any department/school at the University of Bath;


  • complementary pairs of individuals from two different departments /schools at the University of Bath e.g. the Department of Computer Science and the School of Management.

The Award offers;

  • an award (grant) of up to £15,000 (£1,500 of this funds a year of Virtual Membership at the SETsquared Bath award winning business incubator).

Awards are allocated at the discretion of the panel. Funds will be allocated in 3 tranches on the condition that milestones in the project plan are met. Your SETsquared Bath business mentor will monitor progress and sign off on the milestones before each part is paid to you.


Application and Notification of Awards

To apply for an University of Bath Innovation Award, an applicant will typically have demonstrated commitment to innovation and enterprise through involvement in one or more of the enterprise activities on offer during the course of their studies / research or have developed ideas as a structured part of their degree.

Expressions of interest for the 2020 Award should be submitted using the form below once the scheme has reopened.

Shortlisted applicants will then be invited to make a pitch to the panel. The panel will then select successful applicants and agree the level of funding and any conditions.


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If you have any questions about your application please contact Siobain Hone on 01225 388722. 

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Terms and Conditions 


  • The Award (grant) value will be up to £15,000. Awards are allocated at the discretion of the panel. Funds will be allocated in 3 tranches on condition that milestones in the project plan are met. The SETsquared Bath business mentor will monitor progress and sign off on the milestones.

  • Membership of the SETsquared Bath Innovation Centre (£1,500 fee paid by grant) is a pre-requisite for receiving the Award. Membership will start in the Autumn following allocation of the Award. The annual fee for membership is included in the total amount granted and will be invoiced in full prior to the start of the incubation period.

  • Winners of the award are expected to commit the majority of their time on developing their business post graduation.

  • Winners of each award will attend a mentoring session at the SETsquared Bath Innovation Centre before spending time developing their product or service. The output of this session will be a delivery plan for the next 12 months.

  • Winners will be required to submit monthly written updates against the development milestones in the project plan. They will also be required to attend quarterly review sessions in person at the SETsquared Bath Innovation Centre. The monthly updates and quarterly review meetings will be summarised and shared with the funders.

  • The funds for the Award are provided in grant form by the University of Bath Alumni. Winners will be required to keep a monthly blog to record their progress as entrepreneurs and of the development of their businesses and occasionally be asked to contribute to press or promotional events and materials on behalf of the University of Bath and SETsquared Bath.

  • The University of Bath reserves the right to suspend the Award payments at anytime.