Bath Women's Fund | Join the first 60 pioneers


We have been asked to share with you details of the Bath Women’s Fund who are looking for their first 60 pioneers who will work together to decide how their first round of funding is allocated.

Bath Women’s Fund launched their Giving Circle in October 2018 with over fifty women attending the launch. Members donate from £25 per month which is then impact awarded.


  • connect more directly with local charities;

  • learn about local issues;

  • share the joy of giving; and

  • get involved more deeply in philanthropy and how funds are allocated to achieve the greatest impact.



If you would like to be part of this brilliant initiative and be one of the 60 founding Giving Circle members then you can attend a drop-in at the Hall & Woodhouse on Friday 28th June. You can find more details of the event here.

Find out more about Bath Women’s Fund here.