Bath members through to the next round of SETsquared's Accelerating Growth Showcase 2019


SETsquared is the global no. 1 university business incubator and our annual investment showcase has become the must-attend event in the investment calendar.

Running for the past 15 years, SETsquared’s Accelerating Growth Showcase has become a huge success; attracting hundreds of investors, seasoned entrepreneurs, corporate investors and VCs, all looking to invest in companies with the potential to become the tech giants of tomorrow. Already, the total raised by companies who have previously participated exceeds £100m.

This year, three members of SETsquared Bath have made it through to the regional pitch practice event which will hopefully see them through to the live pitching event in London this December.

Congratulations and good luck to Gen3D, Ceryx Medical and Naturbeads.


Gen3D Ltd

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 13.04.32.png

University of Bath alumni and residential members of the Bath Innovation Centre, Gen3D, is a startup focused on disruptive design for additive manufacture. They also offer design consultancy and training for companies looking to use AM.


Ceryx Medical

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Ceryx Medical is developing bioelectronics based on unique, patent protected, chip technology which is able to mimic nerve centres within the body called Central Pattern Generators (CPGs). These CPGs help to control a range of autonomic or rhythmical processes within the body such as peristalsis, heart rate and even walking. It is hoped that Ceryx’s artificial CPGs can restore normal performance where these processes have been affected by disease or injury. Ceryx Medical span out from the Universities of Bath and Bristol in 2016 following successful joint scientific research programmes.



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Associate Members via our Sustainable Technologies Business Acceleration Hub, Naturbeads’ biodegradable alternative to plastic microbeads could reduce microplastic pollution in our oceans, so that traces from suncream, cosmetics and other personal care products don’t end up in your fish fingers.

The technology to create the cellulose microbeads was developed at the University of Bath by Professors Janet Scott and Davide Mattia from the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies in 2017. They co-funded spin-out company Naturbeads in 2018 to commercialise the technology together with Dr Giovanna Laudisio, CEO of the company.

Watch this space to find out if Gen3D, Ceryx Medical and Naturbeads make it through to the live pitching event in December. Good luck!