Innovation Award Winners 2019

Award winners are supported by the Bath Alumni to develop their ideas into viable businesses, encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs. Through these awards we aim to encourage a culture of change across the University, with students seeing an aspiration to become an entrepreneur as a clear and viable career choice. With the help of the SETsquared network and award winning business incubation programme, the scheme aims to help launch businesses which have the potential for truly global impact. In 2019 there were three winners of the bursary award and you can follow their inspiring entrepreneurial journeys below.


George Griffiths


George is currently in his final year of his BSc (hons) degree in Biology at the University of Bath.

George’s start up ‘ExpoEducation’ is creating a bridge between the higher education industry where knowledge is generated, and the meeting event industry where knowledge is distributed. By pairing up students with some of the best industry-specific conferences in the country, ExpoEducation allows conferences to run their events with motivated and engaged volunteers, whilst allowing these students to gain an invaluable insight into their chosen industry completely for free.


Matt Barlow


Matt is currently in his final year of his BSc (hons) degree in Business Administration at the University of Bath.

Here’s what Matt has to say about LivePrize:

“LivePrize is the home of the most entertaining and rewarding giveaways in the world. Our free app runs scheduled live giveaways in seasonal blocks. These giveaways feature exciting game-show style formats where all users compete in unison for a grand prize”.


Paul Hetherington


Paul is currently in his final year of his MEng (hons) degree in Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Neuro AI is a hardware startup making devices for the high speed processing of AI. The use of AI throughout all industries has exploded but the speed of the computers that AI runs on have not progressed at the same rate. Neuro AI is solving this by creating high speed, affordable and versatile hardware giving the power of a supercomputer to everyone.


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