It's time to apply for the SETsquared Accelerating Growth Investment Showcase 2019

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Accelerating Growth 2019 – Overview

The SETsquared Partnership will host the 16th annual investment showcase on 4th December in central London.

For the past fifteen years the partnership has staged such an event and it has proved highly successful. Our audience usually consists of over 150 delegates who are predominantly active investors in early stage high technology ventures e.g. business angels, specialist venture capitalists, high net-worth individuals and corporate financiers. There are also usually a small number of government funding specialists in attendance.

The showcase in London is a culmination of a 3-month investment programme to hone each company’s pitch and provide significant promotion within the investor, corporate and media community.

With over £100m+ raised by companies attending our showcase events, this program is an opportunity to hone your pitching skills, gain feedback from real investors and experienced entrepreneurs and promote your opportunity to over 1,300 angel, venture capitalist and corporate investors on our database.

Selected companies receive thousands of pounds’ worth of support for free with no equity or fees charged.

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Benefits of being selected for a place on the Accelerating Growth Programme 2019

  • Access to a significant number of active specialist technology investors who shape commercial opinion and actively invest from £50k up to £5m in technology ventures.

  • Marketing opportunity to a database of over 1,300 investors as all invitees get a copy of the company executive summaries.

  • Platform at a high-profile event in London, attended by a range of investors, commercial technology experts, large technology corporates and senior Government officials.

  • An opportunity to meet fellow entrepreneurs and expand your professional network.

  • An programme of support to further hone each investment proposition both through your local incubators and with feedback from investors and entrepreneurs through Pitch Practice sessions.

  • Promotion of company on both social and online media and potential to meet specialist trade press.

  • Opportunity to attend a dinner with guest speaker and network with later stage companies from our Scale-up programme

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Investment Success

Many of the companies involved in previous showcases that were seeking investment and who decided to pursue the investment route as a means to development and growth of the company have been successful or are in negotiations to secure funds. Some companies, on reflection, felt that growth through previously established revenue streams was more appropriate. Others concentrated on gaining initial customer orders to strengthen their value to investors before formally approaching this community. Figures show that the total raised by companies who have participated in the event over the previous fifteen years exceeds over £100m.


Selection Criteria

Applicants are eligible if they are members of one of our SETsquared Universities (Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey) incubators or a spinout from one of Universities.

All applicants must be able to demonstrate rigorous market validation, a strong and viable business model and the potential for continued growth and development.

Application deadline: Monday 9th September 2019

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