Graduate Acceleration Showcase | Who's through to regional pitches?

The following is a shortlist of Bath member companies who will be taking part in the Graduate Acceleration Showcase. From an original list of 36 applications, they have successfully taken part in an online selection panel and will now take part in regional live pitching event to determine the final 20 companies which will go through to the event on 26th June.

Congratulations to the following SETsquared Bath members, University of Bath students and graduates:

Compact Cane Ltd

Compact Cane is the first digital white cane for visually impaired people – a disruptive technology to tackle social stigma.       @compactcane

Expo Education

We enhance temporary staffing recruitment for conferences, trade shows and expos by helping students to get their feet in the door of their industry.

Companies are failing to attract and recruit the right graduate talent for their business. Groundworks helps employers discover, assess and recruit the highest quality graduates by creating a marketplace where students become freelancers, working remotely with businesses.


Liveprize is the home of the most entertaining and rewarding giveaways in the world. Our free app runs scheduled live giveaways with video hosted game show style formats, where all users compete in unison for a grand prize.    @liveprizeapp


A platform that uses disruptive technology to feed immersive equipment with high-quality data, thus creating unique experiences for the user by providing useful information at the right time and place.

Neuro AI

Neuro AI will sell hardware capable of processing AI faster than anything commercially available. This will revolutionize every industry where AI has a presence, from self-driving cars to big data giving the power of a supercomputer to everyone and everything.    @AiNeuro


Did you know India’s floral waste accounts for 1/3rd of the total solid waste in the country? Imagine being able to add value to it instead of returning it to a landfill! Retra is doing just the same by extracting oils from the country’s floral waste leading to sustainable floral waste management.


We teach people how to read faster and remember more by transforming them into speed readers and memory experts so they can learn anything faster.    @studyfastuk

The BioFactory Ltd.

We are a bath-based start-up, working towards empowering the most vulnerable through innovations in the sanitation industry. Our latrine system provides significant improvements to sanitation and health for displaced people in sub-Saharan Africa, whilst operating as a profitable business.   @the_biofactory