Introducing.. Bath Girl Geek Dinners


Bath Girls Geek Dinner is a local meetup supporting females and non-binary earthlings interested and working in tech and design. Our members range from students to established professionals – all with one common goal – to help and support other female and non-binary individuals in the STEM industries by sharing ideas, information and connections.

We have been relaunching in 2018 and have now run regularly since September 2018. This is a great opportunity for companies local to Bath to support females and non-binary earthlings, showcase your company to prospective employees (our members range from students to established professionals) and show off your hosting skills. 

Meetups are usually two hours on the second Tuesday of a month with 2 speakers with one tech related topic and the other is usually connected to personal growth or issues in the workplace. When we meet at a new company I also encourage a speaker from that firm to provide a bit of background. We really look forward to building on our network and keeping the conversation going a bit later into the night! It is also a great opportunity to test your speaking skills and try out a presentation or lightening talk in a group of supportive members.


If that sounds like something you would like to support or become a member, then contact us via: or email us