Football Analysts StatsBomb Launch New Data to meet market demand

We are pleased to welcome football analytics consultancy StatsBomb to Bath SETsquared, just as they announce the launch of their new football event data platform. Having worked with football data since the company was founded in January 2017, StatsBomb found they were unable to answer the questions most asked by coaches and analysts when they talked to football clubs about data and analytics. ‘How do we know who was pressing this player during a pass?’, ‘Where were the opposition when this player took a shot?’ ‘What was the Goalkeeper doing in this shot?

Even with experienced data scientists at the helm and their state-of-the-art analytics software, StatsBomb IQ, it was not possible to give clubs the granularity and accuracy of information they needed with the data available on the market.

So, late in 2017, StatsBomb decided to change this. With an established brand and a solid reputation as the ‘experts’ in football analytics, StatsBomb set up their own data collection centre and are now collecting data on their new upgraded spec for the 2017/18 season across 11 leagues and will be fully scaled for 30+ leagues live for 2018/19, including Women’s football, which until now has been grossly under-represented by data companies.

StatsBomb have integrated their new data into their analytics software, and are already providing fascinating insight into new research areas - ‘Which players can handle or break the opposition pressure?’, ‘Which players are a liability under pressure and should be targeted?’ and ‘What kinds of pressure are most disruptive to opponents’ actions?’

The market is excited by StatsBomb’s new data product. As a result of a well planned launch campaign featuring new research that can only be done on the new data, after just one week, StatsBomb have already received numerous enquiries from football clubs, and media and gambling organisations around the world.

StatsBomb have a proven track record in the football analytics industry, know the space inside out, are bold and not afraid of big challenges. This is a small company with big ambitions and is gathering momentum fast. 

If you would like a demo of our football analytics platform, please do get in touch with the team at Charlotte and Ted will be presenting at the next First Tuesday event on Tuesday 5th June