Kinderley grant funders, Ufi, launch latest seed funding call


The charitable trust that has previously awarded grant funding for a number Bath SETsquared companies including early years learning and development platform Kinderley,  is launching its latest seed funding call.

The VocTech Seed Fund 2018 offers up to £50,000 for projects which aim to provide innovative digital solutions to vocational adult learning. The fund aims to raise skill levels across the UK by funding development and testing of innovative, creative projects with new ideas for vocational learning delivery - and is open to any sector, industry or technology. As Dan Whiston, Ufi Project Manager and local contact for Bath SETsquared members explains; 

"Technology can transform how vocational learning happens and ‘scale up’ this impact to provide better, quicker, digital learning. We are looking for projects with good understanding of the vocational learning market.. that offer high quality learning solutions as well as technical developments; with the potential to reach large numbers of learners, a plan for reaching users and customers and a vision of the route to market sustainability." 

This call is open from 13 February 2018 to 14 March 2018.

There is a webinar on 7th March, and you can sign up for these here; Find more information at the Ufi website at, and follow @UfiTrust on Twitter for updates.