Support for start up entrepreneurs

The SETsquared entrepreneurship courses are ideal for entrepreneurs with an idea for a tech-based product or service and founders of early-stage technology ventures, as well as more experienced entrepreneurs launching a new product/venture.

At the Bath SETsquared centre we also offer courses for social enterprise startups or growth ventures. 


Social Enterprise Startup Workshop

Social Enterprise and Innovation Programme (ERDF funded) - Bath SETsquared Innovation Centre 

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The Social Enterprise and Innovation Programme (SEIP) is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to support start-up and existing social enterprises. There is a rolling timetable of group workshops. Led by experienced social entrepreneurs and coaches, delegates are introduced to methods and tools to help develop a convincing value proposition and sustainable business model. 

Who can apply?

Individuals who are considering starting a Social Enterprise business

Founders / managers of very early stage social enterprises (< 6 months old)

SETsquared Startup Entrepreneur's Programme

The SETsquared Entrepreneurship course for new entrepreneurs - various dates and locations


Arming you with an Executive Summary, a Pitch Deck, a Business Model and a basic Financial Plan, this SETsquared programme will put your business on the path to success. As well as presenter led sessions you will get the chance to:

  • hear from other entrepreneurs who have gone on to raise significant investment
  • hone your pitch in front of a panel of investors and expert mentors
  • receive valuable feedback to shape your proposition from the speed mentoring session.

There is a rolling programme of workshops at various locations across the UK including Bath and Bristol. 


Scale up workshops (coming soon)


Scale-ups require a different kind of support to start-ups and more often than not, it is hard to get the specialist knowledge needed at the right time and for the right cost in terms of time and money. We will be launching a number of courses in 2018 aimed at supporting scale ups in sustainable technologies, digital platforms and advance engineering.